About Us

It all began in Kribi in 1986 (a coastal city in Cameroon), with a sudden but voluntary participation in the medical evacuation of a victim from Kribi to Paris (France). When a team of medics arrived Douala, it was difficult having access to and evacuating the victim from Kribi. The need to hire a plane immediately arose due to the long and cumbersome nature of the untarred road leading to Kribi at the time. Upon their arrival, there was no ambulance to ply the 12-Km road to the hospital. Consequently, they resorted to other manageable alternatives. On returning to the Douala International Airport, the same difficulties were encountered. These hitches later inspired the setting up of an ambulance company to fill the gaps that existed in medical evacuation services in Cameroon. Finally, a summer visit to two different assistance companies in Paris, and an internship at Montauban fire fighting brigade in 1987, led to the creation of Cameroun Assistance Sanitaire on September 25, 1987.